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Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission meets the second Monday of each month. If there are no items on the agenda for the month, the P and Z will not meet. You may call City Hall at 770-963-8017 to find out information about P and Z meetings.

Planning and Zoning Commission
David Elrod, Chairman
John West
David Cloud
Dan Sosebee
Laura Gavulic


Planning & Zoning Meeting Agendas

P&Z Agenda - 02/13/2017

P&Z Agenda - 03/13/2017

P&Z Agenda - 05/08/2017 

P&Z Agenda - 06/12/2017 

P&Z Agenda - 07/10/2017 

P&Z Agenda - 07/31/2017 

P&Z Agenda- 9/11/2017  CANCELLED