475 Grayson Parkway
Grayson, GA 30017
Phone: (770) 963-8017
Fax: (770) 339-0687

Main Street Grayson

Main Street Grayson Vision (2016-2017)

Grayson’s Main Street Program will provide an environment in which the central business district will be valued as a vibrant economic and cultural destination and a vital contributor to the community’s identity. Our downtown will improve the quality of life for those who gather to work, live, shop, socialize, dine and find entertainment while preserving Grayson’s unique assets. 

Main Street Grayson Mission (2016-2017)

Grayson’s Main Street Program connects our community through growth, opportunities, and the preservation of businesses, families and individuals.


BOOST Initiative


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Budget 2016-2017 

Main Street Grayson - 2016 Annual Report