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Stormwater Education

In the City of Grayson, the Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources regularly responds to complaints of citizens or businesses dumping or discharging waste products into our streams via our storm drainage system. Common pollutants include litter, oil, detergents, grass clippings, leaves, fertilizer, cigarette butts, paint, concrete, sewage and animal waste. Each of these pollutants has an adverse effect on our waterways. So, the next time you see a storm drain, spare a moment and remember that our creeks, streams and rivers begin right there.

You can report illicit discharges to our waterways, storm drains, and drainage ditches by calling the Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources at 678.376.7000.

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Stormwater Education for Businesses

1.       Watersheds are areas of land that drain to a common body of water. What this means for businesses in Gwinnett is that any pollutants washed off your site during a rain event will combine with other pollutants from your watershed to possibly create a water quality problem in the waterbody. It isn’t just one discharge that leads to pollution, it’s the combined impact of multiple discharges within one watershed. This is why it is so important that each business in Gwinnett does its part to prevent stormwater pollution and protect water quality.

2.       Just like a clean kitchen countertop prevents us from contaminating our dinner, a clean job site prevents pollutants from reaching our waterways. It is vital for businesses in Gwinnett to practice good housekeeping in the office, at the warehouse, or on the site to protect water quality. Good housekeeping involves proper storage and cleanup of materials used for daily activities, as well as establishing effective maintenance and inspection procedures for equipment and employee training. Keeping your business location clean and tidy will lead to fewer discharges of pollutants and improved water quality of our surface waters.

3.       All pollution is concerning, but some streams or rivers have a pollutant of concern. This is the material or substance that is causing a negative impact on the water quality of waterbody. It could be bacteria, nutrients, sediment, heavy metals, or petroleum-based products in addition to many others. The pollutant of concern can be identified on the State of Ga’s 303(d) list of impaired waterbodies found at epd.georgia.gov/watershed-protection-branch. You may find that your business deals with materials that could contribute to this problem, which is why taking steps to prevent stormwater discharges is so important. 

4.       Stormwater is like nature’s shower for the environment. Whatever is on the ground when it rains, will wash away with the runoff and eventually reach a stream or river. At a business, there is a distinct possibility for pollutant sot be on the ground. Whether that is motor oil at an auto repair shop, paint near a hardware store, fertilizer at a plant nursery, or soapy water at a car wash, anything other than rainwater entering our waterways is considered pollution. Be sure to practice good housekeeping at work, train your staff to know ow to respond to spills and leaks, and perform self-inspections of your business to identify any possible sources of pollution. The benefits will be a clean and healthy environment for all Gwinnett residents and businesses to enjoy.


Environmental Resources

Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful: www.gwinnettcb.org
Gwinnett Extension Service: www.gwinnettextension.com
Clean Water Campaign: www.cleanwatercampaign.org

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who do I call if I have a water quality concern or suspect water pollution is occuring?
A: The Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources at 678.376.7000

Q: Who do I call if I see someone dumping a substance into a storm drain? 
A: The Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources at 678.376.7000

Q: Who do I call if I have a stormwater drainage concern?
A: The City of Grayson at 770.963.8017